desansen is a neck-wrist nerve damaged artist on the road to recovery.

Rage, rage against the dying of the light...


This and myself are all works-in-progress!
Thank you for checking up on me and look forward to future works!

Rage, rage against the dying of the light...

LIKES: doodling, diamonds-in-the-rough, my dog, thresher sharks, tinkering, interstellar, spinny chairs, videogames, cotyledon tomentosa variegata, comfy scarves, a bit of dark humor, thrillers, my significant other, nichijou, beautiful day bath and body works scent, birdwatching, a nicely designed cup, tom kha gai.DISLIKES: closed in spaces, bitter melon, modern cadillacs, herd mentality, clunky/chonky vacuum cleaners, watered down chai tea, stickers on the verge of peeling off, loud violent extremists, my numbed limbs.


  • pencils

  • inks

  • markers (alcohol, highlighters paint type)

  • rubber brush and stubs

  • Grumbacher matte fixative

  • insert variety of paper here

  • photoshop clones

  • Futuro wrist splints and support

  • serrated knife about 7inches long (for cooking...)


Firstly, thank you so much for considering or at least being curious of commissioning me! It definitely means a lot! I'm a bit slow to social media and working online, so my apologies if you see any bloops.For now, MY COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED as I'm re-organizing everything, finishing personal projects and adding store stuff on both Ko-fi and my future website.But for a preview! Here is a general breakdown of how I price my character art commissions*:

+Extra Character+$20+$50+$75

Also to note: I don't use this platform for commissions, just for information.My Ko-fi page is where I normally handle commissions, so please visit that page. Follow me there for alerts on when those slots open up. I may also occasionally mention open slots on my social media.Much thanks for reading up!

Depending on complexity, color and background additions, it can fall within those price ranges.This is subject to change depending on factors like time, style-choice and extras like multiple characters. More details on my Ko-fi and here when available.*I also can do custom requests that don't fall under character art, but it is subject to approval on my part.VISUAL EXAMPLES AT A LATER DATE! A WORK-IN-PROGRESS!


You are agreeing to all of the following terms of service should you be interested in commissioning me. Read through it thoroughly for a smooth process!

- See my commission criteria below for what I'm willing to draw. DM me on Twitter@DesansenArt or Ko-fi@desansen, if you're unsure or if something specific isn't listed.
- All commissions and payments will be handled through Ko-fi when slots are available. First come first serve, so keep watch there. Followers get updates on when it opens.
- Full payment is upfront AFTER securing a commission slot and design agreement.


Original Characters (OCs)Full-on mecha (BG partials are fine, but not main character)
Manga or western-cartoon stylesRealistic illustrations (due to complexity/time)
Fan-Art of most known seriesCG/3D work
Singles/Couples/GroupsFull-on NSFW (no sexual shenanigans here, silly!)
SFW and semi-NSFW (only partial nudes) 

- Secured a Ko-fi commission slot at my page: Nice!
- Please provide references as you're filling in your request. I prefer visual references but can attempt to draw from text references.
- I have the right to decline a commission for any reason, especially if it doesn't follow my above criteria.
- Once I've agreed to what you'd like drawn, I will open a custom commission payment slot for you on Ko-fi to pay in full.

- I will send you up to 2 work-in-progress sketches to make sure we're on the right track.
- You're allowed up to 2 minor revisions after seeing progress sketches. Anything more will cost extra as it takes time and effort to keep editing. Please provide good references at the start so we don't have to revise often.
- Cancelling a commission at ANY point will only be partially refunded through Paypal. (At most, you will receive 1/2 of the price - PayPal fees. If nearly completely, only 1/4th - PayPal fees will be refunded). The sketch will then be sent in its current state.
- Once a commission has been finished and sent, no refunds!
- Turn-around is about 2-4 weeks depending on the complexity of your piece. I will also contact you if it needs extra time. Life sometimes happens. D;

- You may post your commission wherever you'd like with link and credit to @desansen.
- I will automatically post your commission on my Ko-fi page as private viewing to subscribers and one-time donators. If I want to show it publicly, I will ask your permission first.
- All commissioned pieces are for personal use only. Please don't use it to resell as merchandise (including print) or any other commercial use.
- For any commercial use, please contact me via Ko-fi or Twitter and we can negotiate.
And, that's it! Thank you for your time and patience. Hopefully we can work together on your piece one day!